For Help With SharePoint & BbF Tax-Specific Trainings
You Will Call Our Corporate Office:

(888) 593-6363 x1 or

For Help With Invoices & Compliance
You Will Call Our Corporate Office:

(888) 593-6363 x1 or

For Help With the Tax Software or TaxProDocs,
You Will Call Our Vendor:

(855) 796-9377 or

1) Tell Them You’re With BbFTax Services
2) Then Tell Them You’re Using the MSO Web-Based Version
3) Then Give Them Your Name
4) Make sure you get the tax name
5) If issue with vendor goes unresolved, email

Support Hours Before & After Tax Season:
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CST

Support Hours During Tax Season (As of Jan. 20th):
24 Hours Daily

Please email us if you have tech support issues that are NOT resolved within 24 hours OR if you have feedback about tech support staff.

Refund Advantage Bank & IRS Related Links

Off-Set Line

(call to see if client’s refund is going to be taken for Unpaid Child Support, Certain Federal and State Debts, and Unemployment Compensation Debts) 

— 800-304-3107

Get IRS Transcript

(if client doesn’t have W2s or know what was reported for a tax year)

 Click to Retrieve Client’s ID Theft PIN

Self-Employment Code Look Up

Identify Verification IRS Link 

— 800-830-5084

Refund Advantage Bank Login to access your portal
Refund Advantage Bank for Tax Professional
— 800-967-4934
Refund Advantage Bank for Tax Client for refund disbursement help
— 866-876-6648